Amazing Food Delicacies in Bhutan


Amazing Food Delicacies in Bhutan
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Bhutan is beautiful, serene, peaceful where you can have the relaxation of your mind and soul as long as you stay there. It enthralls you with its ecstatic mountains and impeccable natural beauty, but not only this, Bhutan has some super delicious dishes also to surprise you.

Whichever country you visit, if you do not meet the people there, walk the untouched roads there, do not know the history or do not try the food, you do not get to know the place in depth.

Bhutan has some delicacies to offer which can make your trip more memorable. There are many types of foods that you would find in Bhutan, but we are going to tell you about a few of them which are very popular and delicious.

1. Shakam Ema Datshi

Bhutan food is more about cheese and different spices, but if you really want to cut down the cheese then this dish is for you. This dish is made without cheese and with dried beef. Shakam means dried beef which is then preserved and used to make this dish. In Bhutan, people take beef as their meat mostly because of its high protein value and it keeps you warm as well. Hence whenever you are in Dzongkha, you would hear the name of this dish very first and you would love this as well.

2. Ema Datshi

Datshi meaning authentic Bhutanese cheese and this dish Ema Datshi has gained the top place among all the Bhutan dishes. This dish is made of cheese and chilies, which can be with red chilies or green chilies. Chillies, which is cooked with cheese and then they add butter in there which enhances the taste and the aroma and makes the dish even more delicious. Ema Datshi is available everywhere in Bhutan but every place has a different taste of Ema Datshi. This is one dish you should never miss.

3. Kewa Datshi

Again, cheese since this name also has Datshi and Kewa meaning potato. This dish is made of potato, butter, and cheese and if you would like to have it a little spicy, then sometimes one or two chilies can also be added. Potato is one of the most staple food of Bhutan and this dish is also everywhere available in Bhutan. This taste delicious but it is a very mild and simple dish.

4. Shamu Datshi

Among all the staple foods of Bhutan, Shamu Datshi is the hot favorite due to its heavenly taste. Shamu Datshi is a stew which is made of cheese, a lot of it, vegetables and Himalayan mushrooms and butter. This is a perfect combination of cheese and spices, you cannot afford to miss this one.

5. Shakam Shukam Datshi

This is a Bhutanese dish but at the same time, this is very rare in Bhutan. Selected few restaurants to sell this dish and this has such a unique taste and blend that if you get it, you should definitely try it. As told earlier that Datshi is cheese and shakam is dried beef. Shukam is dried white chilies which is very rare. This dish is made of dried red chilies, dried beef, and authentic Bhutanese cheese.

6. Phaksha Paa

Pork is another delicacy meat in Bhutan and if you are a Pork lover, then you should definitely try this Bhutan pork delicacy dish. This dish is made of sliced pork, whole red chilies, and mountain vegetables. This is absolutely delicious.

7. Sikam Paa

This dish is for the bacon lovers and this is the tastiest bacon you would ever have. Bhutanese dry up the pork bellies in the sun and later those are fried with red chilies which makes the dish heavenly. This dish is much oily, hence if you are way too health conscious, then this is not for you.

8. Gondo Datshi

This is an authentic Bhutan recipe which is made of scrambled eggs. This is one of the tastiest scrambled eggs, first the egg is scrambled and then it is cooked with Bhutanese cheese, a lot of butter and some red chilies. This is another dish which you should not miss since it tastes as if it is sent from heaven.

9. Shakam Paa

This is again a beef recipe. In this dish also the beef is dried and is made with dried red chilies and sliced radish which gives a unique blend and taste. This dish is full of protein and energy. Try this dish and you would never forget the taste.

10. Yaksha Shakam

This can be an alternative to beef since this dish is made of Yak meat, Yak meat tastes more of like beef but the taste is different. The Yak meat is dried as jerky and then it is prepared in many ways, different chefs, different recipes. However, the best taste comes when it is cooked with authentic Bhutanese fermented cheese. It is worthwhile to give this dish a try during your Bhutan trip.

11. Juma

Juma is another authentic Bhutanese food which is made of sausage and this sausage is made with minced meat, light spices, and rice which is stuffed and wrapped in the intestine. This dish is a favorite delicacy among the Bhutanese and Sichuan pepper in this dish makes it completely different and gives a zingy taste. However different parts of Bhutan makes Juma differently.

12. Jasha maru

This is one of the healthiest recipes in Bhutan which is a chicken stew. The spice that dominates this whole dish is ginger and the taste of ginger gives it a different level. Other spices are also used but on a very low note.

13. Lom

This is a different type of a dish and there is a story behind this dish. Due to the harsh water conditions in Bhutan, harvesting in the winter becomes very difficult. For those times, Bhutanese store and dry up the turnip leaves for the use of the whole year. Then those leaves are cooked with dried pork and it tastes delicious. This is a healthy and unique recipe of Bhutan.

14. Khatem

Khatem is the bitter gourd which is very famous in Bhutanese kitchens. This is a simple dish where the bitter gourd is sliced and then fried in butter, butter enhances the flavor and the taste. Bitter gourd is eaten to enhance the taste buds and appetite and Bhutanese eat the Khatem along with their breakfast. If you like to taste all kind of foods, you should try this as well.

15. Hoentay

Hoentay is a food which is originated in the Haa Valley and it is very similar to Momos or Dumplings. However, the outer layer of Hoentay is made differently, it is made with buckwheat dough along with spinach, cheese, and turnip leaves. This is a super healthy and light food so you can eat as many plates as you want. Same as Momos, you can get Hoentay steamed or fried and it obviously tastes better with the Bhutanese chili sauce.

16. Jaju

Among all the above options, if you are still looking for the healthiest Bhutanese food then Jaju is the one. It is a blend of milk and soup made with leafy vegetables and turnip leaves. Jaju is mainly taken with other Bhutanese foods since the taste of Jajau is often very bland however if you add butter and cheese, then it becomes tastier and more enriched.

17. Goen Hogay

Last but not the least, the salad. After and along all this food, if you are searching for a salad then your search ends here. This salad is made with cucumber, tomatoes, chili flakes, cilantro, Sichuan pepper, onions and a scoop of Datshi cheese for added flavor. You must try this.

Bhutan is a blend of modernism, culture and tradition and many surprises. Thus, Bhutan is surprising and efficient in satisfying your taste buds with their super delicacy dishes as well. Hopefully, this information helps you in finding Bhutan in a different way altogether.